participative theater, 2018, Theater Erlangen

One climate summit follows the next with ever more dramatic warnings from the scientific community of uncontrollable dangers. The consequences? Conflicting interests and complex problems as well as increasing paralysis. What would have to happen now for the Earth to remain habitable? Are there enough resources, is there enough time to really change anything? What is at stake? What is non-negotiable? And what can each individual do?

Reset:Earth turns climate rescue into an intergalactic show! A sophisticated extraterrestrial algorithm gives the inhabitants of the earth a new chance with every performance to perfectly order their world and life. Experience live your very personal climate rescue! Will you manage to simulate a balanced society that is still sustainable? What do your seat neighbors have to say about it? And if a small Game Theatre audience can build a new world - can you do it in real life?

DIRECTOR: Johanna Kolberg

CONCEPT: Komplexbrigade

SCENOGRAPHY: Winnie Christiansen

COSTUME: Winnie Christiansen

ANIMATION: Jakob Adebahr MUSIC: Moritz Schwerin DRAMATURGY: Udo Eidinger CREATIVE ENGINEERING: Wieland Hilker