Virtual Reality Theater, 2018

On April 6, 1935, a woman is rescued from the Isar River at around 9 am. A suicide attempt. The woman is no stranger. For professional reasons alone, her severe depression must be kept secret. The comedian Liesl Karlstadt has been suffering from pain and unbearable anxiety for years. On stage as in life, she plays the role of the resilient, balancing partner at Karl Valentin's side. The audience is fixated on his brilliant hypochondria. While Valentin emerges in his masks as a self-promoter of his own intricacy, Karlstadt disappears virtuously into a multitude of roles. Mostly she slips into a grotesque man's costume. She is what Valentin expects her to be: "smart and stupid, ugly and lousy, old and shriveled, full-bearded and milk-faced". In 1911 Valentin discovers the 18-year-old Elisabeth Wellano at a performance and tells her frankly that she is not smart enough to be a soubrette. She should switch to comedy. The beginning of a decades-long working and love relationship that will lead to destructive dependence. Valentin writes her the first comic role. She sings: "Oh, take this stone from my heart," pulls a small Isar stone from her bosom and throws it onto the stage. A huge success. She quickly learns "that it's better for me that way." And he gives her a new name, which she will never take off: Liesl Karlstadt.

After "Eurydice :: Noir Désir" and "Opening Night :: All about Laura", the trio RAUM+ZEIT now creates a scenic installation in the center of Munich: The spectator goes alone on a path through the city, on which he will get very close to the actors.

A subjective journey into the interior.

DIRECTOR: Bernhard Mikeska


DRAMATURGY: Alexandra Althoff, Götz Leineweber VR DRAMATURGY: Winnie Christiansen


VR VIDEO: Winnie Christiansen, Fabian Fischer, Felix Patzke