lessons of leaking

participative theater, 2016, Münchner Kammerspiele | HAU3 Berlin

Germany, 2021. After the countless crises of the decade, the vision of a united Europe has finally given way to the reality of an all-encompassing security apparatus. Society is divided: EU critics from all political camps are calling for Germany to leave, while EU supporters want to hold on to the old ideal of a community of solidarity. In order to calm the angry mood in the country, the German government let the citizens vote in a one-time referendum on whether the Federal Republic should leave the union of states. A few days before the vote, a young PR agent obtains top-secret documents under mysterious circumstances, the publication of which would have shattering consequences for all of Europe.

In "Lessons of Leaking" machina eX deals with moral conflicts in the area of tension between democracy, transparency, manipulation and freedom of opinion.

In collaboration with playwright Dmitrij Gawrisch, the media theater collective develops a theatrical game in which political ideals and personal interests stand irreconcilably side by side. In a group of ten, the audience plays through the political thriller together and, at the end, decides for itself on the course of the story: To leak or not to leak?

TEXT: Dmitrij Gawrisch

CONCEPT: machina eX, Clara Ehrenwerth

DIRECTOR: Anna Fries

STAGEDESIGN: Anna Fries, Franziska Riedmiller, Winnie Christiansen

INTERACTION DESIGN: Lasse Marburg, Jan Philip Steimel, Benedikt Kaffai

ANIMATION: Konrad Jünger

SOUNDDESIGN: Mathias Prinz

DRAMATURGY: Clara Ehrenwerth

COSTUMEDESIGN: Daniela Bayer PRODUCTION: Sina Kießling

CO-PRODUCTION: Münchner Kammerspiele, Goethe-Institut, FFT Düsseldorf, Gessnerallee Zürich, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, ROXY Birsfelden, Südpol Luzern, AUAWIRLEBEN Theaterfestival Bern