Winnie works as scenographer and filmmaker since 2015

Since her studies at university of arts berlin with main focus on space & surrounding space

she creates narrative spaces for theater, film and virtual reality.


As filmmaker with a background in spatial sociology she focuses on urban and sociological phenomena

2016 she co-founded the label trix which got honored with the title kultur- und kreativpiloten by the german government.

Under the label artists create location-based virtual reality experiences (LBVR). 


advanced reallife role playing game in virtual reality

based on the social phenomenon hikikomori. 

The initial question was at what point does one have the inescapable urge to isolate oneself from society. To live in virtual exile, to make the decision to refuse performance. Choosing to rove around in virtuality, creating avatars and intermingling identities – these are traits of the social phenomenon ‘Hikikomori’. 

To understand this way of reasoning, we need to experience the perspective of a person isolating himself. 


 LBVR docufiction

IJM is a human rights organisation, rescuing slaves all over the world. Among others in India, where girls are forced to work as child prostitutes in run down brothels. By creating a reenacted scene and combining the strengths of analog and digital media for a multisensory virtual reality design, the creators come up with an experience that lets visitors truly dive into another world and forget where they actually are. This docufiction helped the NGO to raise awareness against forced prostitution in india.

 LBVR design for the room scale interactive VR experience by NowHere Media

What if home becomes the place you fear? In Home After War an Iraqi father returns to Fallujah to face the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Join him in his home and discover the unfolding of a tragic event.

360° storytelling supervision for the immersive theater directed by Bernhard Mikeska


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