empfaenger verzogen

location based Virtual Reality experience, 2016           presskit


concept: Maren Demant, Winnie Christiansen

director: Winnie Christiansen

artistic productionmanagement: Winnie Christiansen
technical productionmanagement: Maren Demant
dramaturgy: Corinna Duemler

setdesign: Barbara Lenartz, Winnie Christiansen

costumedesign: Barbara Lenartz

sounddesign: Roman Schönbichler

Empfaenger verzogen is an advanced reallife role playing game in virtual reality based on the social phenomenon hikikomori. The initial question was at what point does one have the inescapable urge to isolate oneself from society. To live in virtual exile, to make the decision to refuse performance. Choosing to rove around in virtuality, creating avatars and intermingling identities – these are traits of the social phenomenon ‘Hikikomori’. To understand this way of reasoning, we need to experience the perspective of a person isolating himself. 

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